Oily,Acne,Clogged Skin? How to Keep Hyderated

I find that most of acne products are too harsh and leave your skin feeling tight and dry some times peeling? Most of time you starts using heavier creams and lotions,do you find this causes you to get more bumps and blemishes? Yah! I hear about these issues from my clients a lot, especially from those who are in their 20s, 30s and even some in their 40s. These are people who are out of their teen years and who no longer experience breakouts, but have a hard time trying to find the balance their skin needs. Here are five ways to ensure oily, combination, acne-prone skin can stay hydrated, balanced and healthy-looking, without causing breakouts.

1. Avoid using a harsh, acne-focused cleanser. acne cleansers are loaded with harsh detergents and strong ingredients designed to dry up breakouts on the skin. I like the idea of a gel (not forms)cleanser for this type of skin and it certainly can have breakout fighting ingredients like salicylic acid, but it just must be gentle. Secondly, listen to your skin. Even if the cleanser is sulfate-free, if it leaves you feeling dry, then you’ll have to find a gentler alternative. After cleansing, make sure to wait no longer than 60 seconds before applying your next product. If you leave your skin bare for any longer, moisture evaporation will occur.

Note: If you have post-breakout red, dark marks from blemishes, these are no longer active blemishes with infection so the strategy for treating these is completely different—and the focus should be on exfoliation, not drying out the skin with an acne cleanser. Read more here.

2. Always use an alcohol-free toner after cleansing to give your skin a boost of hydration. it’s a very effective way to deeply hydrate the skin. Since your type of skin still has oil underneath the surface (this is the reason why you still get clogged pores and breakouts), your skin mainly requires water and toners are a great way to get it. After washing your face, wipe an alcohol-free toner over the skin and then immediately apply a serum, like Skin Drink, followed by a moisturizer.

3. Stay connected with your skin care therapist for time to time advice and Give your skin an professional hydration treatment

4. When flying on an airplane or when in any dry climate, use a treatment oil or rebalance lotion and creams to protect the skin. I know you’re probably thinking, “An oil on my acne-prone skin? No way!” What you need to understand is that all oils are not equal and all are certainly not pore-clogging. Their purpose is to provide a layer of protection to make sure the hydration in your skin stays put and doesn’t evaporate out.

5. Always use products for your skin type. Talk to your skin care professional for best products for your skin type and the proper use of that products.
“I can’t tell you how many times clients have thought their skin is a certain type, when in fact it is something completely different”.

Find a professional with years of skin care experience and allow them to help you with your product selection. Be sure to thoroughly communicate your concerns so you get the appropriate advice. A good starting point to determining your skin type is to contact @ aura skin care and laser for advice

Like always my clients know I always suggest drinking plenty of water every day (I know you do) but the true benefit comes when you hydrate topically with serums and moisturizers. Water is best Skin Drink but work better with other skin care regimen.

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