Planning Your wedding?


Is your skin ready for that beautiful glow on your big day?

The summer wedding season is in full swing and every bride wants to look her best on her big day. If you are a bride-to-be, you probably already have selected your perfect hair-and-makeup, décor and caterer too—but did you make time to prepare your skin? Is your skin ready for that beautiful glow on your big day? Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about your skin. The longer you have to correct any skin issues, the better and lasting results there will be!

Here are some tips to make sure your skin looks its best on your special day.

12 Months Prior to Your Special Day

Check out for the treatment options available in the Industry

If you are considering any injectable treatments like Botox or fillers, now is the time to learn more and see if they are right for you. I recommend going to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Talk to them about your goals and concerns with the treatments.

Botox typically lasts 3 -4 months while fillers can last 8 months to over a year. It will be far less stressful for you to experiment long before your wedding. And, if you love the results, you can schedule your next treatment within an appropriate time frame before the event. Must have patch test before the fillers.

Appointment with a Skin Care Specialist

Make an appointment with an Esthetician and plan to address any specific skin concerns that you may have. It can take 6 months or longer to control acne and pigmentation, so give yourself a fair amount of time! Sometimes, in extreme cases, you may require a doctor’s assistance to get the results you deserve -involving deep peels or other intense treatments.

Create a skin care regimen and stick with it.


Another important thing to ask your Esthetician is to specifically create a regimen for your skin. This should include a gentle cleanser, makeup remover, a natural exfoliant such as La VieSage Cherry Bloom, an antioxidant serum like vitamin C+, a hydrating serum (Hydra RX), a moisturizer, a zinc oxide-based UVA/UVB protection sunscreen, and a specific high performing serum specific for your skin condition (vitamin A+ resurfacing serum, alpha hydroxy acid or AHA Bright serum). If you suffer from dark circles, dry skin or puffiness around your eyes, an eye cream to combat your concerns will also be helpful. I recommend La VieSage Eclipse Eye Serum for its affordability as well as proven results! Remember it takes 90 to 120 days for you to see the results from an updated skin care regimen, so you should start early and stick with it.


6 months before your Special day

Consider Peels and Lasers.

Now is the time to start skin treatments, such as peels or laser, that promote cell turnover to obtain a healthy skin glow. Skin products such as serums containing retinol will improve your results and speed the recovery for these treatments. Options can be a superficial peel, intense pulsed light (IPL) or Collagen Induction therapy. The gentler the treatment, the more treatments you may need to get outstanding results (for example: 6 peels vs 3 IPL treatments). Get your last treatment 1 month prior to your wedding or special day.

Time to start caring for your Body and Mind


Time to Exfoliate and Moisturize your body every day. Use a chemical exfoliation product, whether in a wash or lotion, that has AHA or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) to break down dead cells on the top layer of the skin, thereby allowing further penetration of the moisturizer. This will provide you with smooth, hydrated, and flawless skin for your big day!

Other things to think like Visible Hands, Neck & Shoulder etc.

Do you suffer with red spots and rough skin on your upper arms, back of your neck, thighs, and/or bum? This is a condition called keratosis pilaris and sometimes involves clogged pores. Although the condition is not curable, it can be kept under control by using La VieSage Glyco Bright Serum and body peels with microdermabrasion. Other products such as moisturisers containing Glycolic acid or Salicylic acid are also beneficial with routine use.

Planning to lose weight? Contact a Professional at the Earliest!

If you are dieting, remember to take a good multivitamin supplement as well. If you aren’t having the correct amount of nutrients that your body needs, it will show effects in your hair, skin and nails. Omega oils are also great for your skin and body. Alternatively, try the La VieSage AHA bright body peel to improve skin texture. Collagen and Vitamin C supplements improve the efficacy of other vital antioxidants in our bodies. Professional diet plans help improve the natural glow of skin, hair, and nails.


2 months before your special day or wedding

Time for a final touch-up.

If you liked the results of your injectable treatment, now is the time to do the final touch-up before the wedding. This way, if anything is not perfect, there is still time to correct it before the big day.


Keep yourself Hydrated Hydrated Hydrated!!

Start drinking green tea, preferably every day. Not only can this help with weight loss – alongside a good diet and exercise regime, of course – but many people swear by its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help brighten skin and reduce acne.


1 month Before Your Special Day or Wedding  

No sun Tanning or UV bed tanning

Tanning is terrible for so many reasons. It is simply radiating your skin, causing mutations that lead to skin cancer, wrinkles and age spots. As a Medical Esthetician, I want people to embrace the color of their skin. If you really want to do something, find a spray tan facility to obtain the tan or glow you want.

Say NO to Experiments.

info skin care

Stick to a skin care routine that you know has worked well for you in the past year. Now is not the time to experiment (as you will surely get “advice” from family and friends). Definitely, don’t change your skin care specialist at the last moment. Your Esthetician, who has been working with you, understands your needs with much more detail than a new specialist would.

Don’t try any new products before your wedding/ special day – this includes skincare, hair care, make-up, and even washing powder and softener! Any kind of a reaction, it could take a couple of weeks to recover, which is the last thing you need before your big day!


Prior A Week your Special day.

It is a time to celebrate! Keep in mind that alcohol and salt can make you puffy, especially around the eyes, so consider saying “no, thank you” to alcohol and chips and chocolates. 😊.  An overload of sugar or dairy may cause breakouts, so stay far away from these foods! Exercise to destress and ensure you get good sleep.


And this is how you will rock your wedding day and have the time of your life!



La Vie Sage Algae Face Masks



I am a Medical Esthetic  Professional. And owner of aura skin care and laser

Proud to be sharing my first experience with the La VieSage skin care products. First, I received algae mask I used at home I have no idea about the results so  I didn’t take pictures. But the pictures I used in the review I do it again after about a month

“What a mess when I do first time on my face my husband said”

Awesome. After when I clean my mask. Everything happens Only the time journey of 20 mins J

But with a hard-green shell cocooning over my skin, its look like someone dipped my face in candle wax.  I feel light weight on my face slightly feeling of compression This is what the La VieSage algae face mask do 🙂

Algae (also seaweed) is a bit of a dark horse of the beauty world. Studies have shown certain extracts have softening, brightening and anti-acne benefits for the skin. Add this to Cranberries, Aloe Vera, Ginseng root and Arbutin packed with their antioxidant and purifying properties and it starts to sound almost luxurious and beneficial.

OK what is algae let me explain. Algae, commonly referred to as “seaweed,” conditions, hydrates, softens and detoxifies the skin, all while replenishing essential vitamins and minerals. Rich in antioxidants, algae also helps to protect skin against free radical damage and prevents the formation of an enzyme that causes the deprivation of collagen.

Recent studies show that algae extract is rich in a compound called Alguronic Acid, shown to increase cell regeneration and the synthesis of elastin. Elastin is a protein in the skin’s underlying layers that give it firmness and elasticity. As we age, skin begins to lose its elastin fibres. Result wrinkles

Some algae even contain Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), a bacterial microphyte that stimulates skin cell movement and production and is proven to be more abundant in proteins and minerals than a mother’s milk. Algae is also full of enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids, nucleic acids, fatty acids, and DHA. Amino acids in algae firm and renew tissue while the fatty acids fight against inflammation, leaving the skin even, soft and supple.

La VieSage‘s range of algae face masks come in powder form, infused with fruits and vegetables like pumpkin and papaya. I was given the Ginseng ,Cranberry, and cryogenic soothing Samples to try.

AHA Cranberry Mask with peach fruit extract. 

Best For:  Firming-Hydrating-Anti Oxidant even good choice for Dry and sensitive skin1.Cranberry rich in Polyphenol the anti-oxidant, vitamin A, B, C, iron, magnesium, calcium and Iodine prevent cellular aging

2.Algae+ Spirulina called the Green Gold

3.Peach fruit extract: an effective of exfoliating and cell renewal agent

Benefits: The anti-oxidants from the cranberry diminish the number of free radicals and help delay the process of ageing. It promises to leave the skin glowing, well-moisturised and smooth.

Ginseng Nourishing Mask with Argireline

Brighten-Anti Aging-Tightening

Best for: Normal to oily dull aging

1.Ginseng- is the powerhouse of anti-aging Benefits, Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, helps to firm and tighten skin, Great for sensitive and oily skin.

2.Algae+Spirulina called the Green Gold

3.Acetyl Hexapeptide-3: Argireline™ – it is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

4.Kaolin Clay -Contains high content of silica that helps in removing the dead skin and makes it to regenerate

Cryogenic Soothing Mask

Tightening -Collagen Renewal -Anti Redness

1.Peach Fruit, Cucumber and L ascorbic rich in Vitamin C help to reverse the sun damage

2.Algae Spirulina called the Green Gold

3.Witch Hazel extract: an effective of moisturizing and cell renewal agent

I decided to try out the Cryogenic Soothing one as my skin was looking dull and tired from a few Saturday night cocktails, so I needed a little circulation boost!

It is simple but little tricky You have to set aside a bit of time for these masks, but that’s to be expected with spa products. First you have to mix the powder with water to create a paste. Give few mins to mix well. I use one part powder and two-part water. but I found 10 gm approximately is enough for face only. Then you apply on the face and leave it for 15-20 minutes to set. As it sets you can feel the mask getting tighter and harder, so you can’t talk or move your face.


TOP TIP:  Try to stay on easy recliner chair and have relaxation position make sure do not walk around otherwise mask will start dripping. Lock yourself away and chill out for fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes later and you’re ready to peel it off, you can get most of it off in large to small chunks. The smaller bits go flaky like dry paint when the air hits them, but they’re easily  I wept off with regular water wipe.

Expert Advise – I also received sample of serum with this mask from la Viesage representative. I advised to use YouthPreserve capsule or two pump of YouthPreserve serum for best and long lasting results. So, used the Serum first and apply the mask on top after 2-3 min as advised.

Once it was all removed, my skin felt soft, hydrated with glowing face.  And most of the dullness in my cheeks and almost disappeared in 2-3 min. I got the cure to my cocktail and flashy tired face  🙂

aura skin care & laser

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La VieSage Flower Acid Peel

La VieSage Flower Acid Peel flower_peel1

La VieSage skin sciences – the new addition is Flower Acid Peel. This is a gentle peel that really does the job. It made skin brighter within days and glowing when used longer term. This great peel has a lasting effect on skin. The ingredients are natural and even sensitive skin can use this peel. This flower peel is impressive: a great product that genuinely improves skin and combats fine lines.

La VieSage Skin sciences are delighted to announce the launch of their exciting new Flower Acid Peel to their growing, all natural, flower and seaweed based skincare range.

Disha  the founder of La VieSage skin sciences says,

“It is amazing nothing is like the Flower Acid Peel, the color, texture, the ingredients and the results are awesome. Our unique Flower Acid Peel works on all skin types for anti-ageing, acne and sensitive skin.

Revitalize, Clarify and Protect Epidermal Stem Cell Activity with the remarkable La VieSage Flower Acid Peel is A proprietary blend of

Hibiscus derived Flower Acid,

Vigna Aconitifolia Seed Extract enhances cell renewal while improving hydration in the upper layers of epidermis,

Pyruvic Acid, stimulate collagen and mucopolysaccharides synthesis and the softening of fine lines.

Micro Alga Cyanidium Calarium supports advanced cellular rejuvenation, enhanced skin elasticity and epidermal integrity

“Above actives help to thicken and strengthen the skin around the eye so help to diminish crow’s feet, Fine lines, boost collagen to firm our skin and also help with uneven skin tone and improve acne scarring. Our Flower  Acid Peel is rich in essential fatty acids for skin repair.”

Their clinical studies show that the Flower acids are :

9% more hydrating than lactic acid

99% non-irritating

20% greater cell renewal compared to other AHA’s (Alpha-Hydroxy Peels)

30% greater anti-wrinkle activity compared with AHA’s

There is a gentle exfoliation without the irritation that is normally associated with alpha-hydroxy peels.

Like other La VieSage products the Flower Acid Peel nourishes and feeds the skin – doing more than just a quick fix. It repairs the epidermis to work and look better.

Our Flower Acid  Peel User says “Using the Flower Peel daily you will see within days healthier, brighter looking skin with great improvement on lines around the eyes.”  Glenda

Roucheal Ned says “to have the  results  for my sensitive dry skin I talk to so many skin care professional everyone just increase the % of  AHAs in my daily routine regimen”

However, in the rush to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, companies added greater concentration of AHA’s to their formulas ranging from 5 and 10% in the beginning to 70% and more with the promise that more is better.

The problem with this approach is evident to us: Over exfoliation leads to over-processed skin; and this can lead to irreversible skin damage.

Now out of South Africa comes a new generation of AHA’s extracted from the Hibiscus Flower.  They are a highly complex pure extract of the hibiscus flower comprising a wide variety of acids as well as powerful antioxidants.

The result is a multi-functional ingredient that gently promotes exfoliation while nourishing the skin with protective antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties to strengthen the skin’s support matrix and firm the skin. The result is a peel without the burn with the objective of skin firming.

Here is a breakdown of the unique phyto-chemistry of Flower Acids.

Bio-Complex of alpha hydroxyl acids—Phytic, Pyruvic, Mandelic and Azaleic which provide a gentle exfoliation while stimulating collagen synthesis

Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants. Tee et al. 2002 assessed the antioxidant properties of Hibiscus by comparing its activity with those of BHA and b-carotene

Anthocyanins (deep purple pigment in the flower) are a major component of hibiscus that reduce oxidative stress on DNA and act as a sunscreen in absorbing UV rays (Duhn et al, 1997

Flower Acids (Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract) – A blend of organic and Pyruvic Acids that are non-irritating to the skin. Gently activates cellular turnover to improve hydration and contribute to better nourishment and hydration of upper layers of epidermis. Pyruvic Acid stimulates collagen and mucopolysaccharides synthesis.

Vit-A-Like™ – Is a plant extract with the same functionality and efficacy as retinol. It stimulates cell turnover, thereby helping to minimize irregular skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Cistus Incanus Extract (Tego Cistus) – DNA protection, strong anti-oxidative efficacy, anti-inflammatory effects,delivers daylight defense, and protects from environmental stress.

Tego Stemlastin (Algae Extract) – Naturally derived from Cyanidium Caldarium Algae which is rich in extremolytes-like mineral nutrients, amino acids and polyphenols and GABA (gamma amino butryric acid). Stimulates epidermal stem cells and dermal fibroblasts. Significantly supports the maintenance of epidermal stem cell activity encouraging skin rejuvenation.

Acti White – Is a new skin lightener demonstrating the capacity to decrease melanogenesis which is responsible for the coloration of the human skin. This tyrosinase inhibiting activity results in a visible reduction in skin pigmentation.


Compared to conventional AHA’s, and  Flower acids from hibiscus are:

50% more hydrating

20% greater cellular turnover than AHA’s and salicylic acid

30% reduction in appearance of wrinkles by inhibiting elastase and hyaluronidase breakdown of connective tissue

Anti-Inflammatory properties exhibiting an absence of the ‘burn’ (Levy and Goldschmidt 1979)

Ironically this has been somewhat problematic in convincing clients of its efficacy.

The lack of a burning sensation leads some to assume that the product is ‘not working’ as it should.

This is a misconception.

The pyruvic acid being a second-generation acid exhibits greater keratolytic properties like the properties found in salicylic acid.

This acid dissolves proteins responsible for cell adhesion due to its higher keratolytic effects more effectively than lactic acid.

Moreover, as these acids are formulated into a seaweed polysaccharide base extracted from Laminaria and Fucus algae, the non-irritating benefits are enhanced.

La VieSage skin sciences range contains no animal products

Can be applied to:

In Short Skin Type: Dry | Sensitive | Dehydrated | Hyperpigmented |Aging |Acne| Rosacea

How to use:  Patch test recommended to make sure about the allergies.  Apply a moderate layer of product over cleansed face and neck, avoiding eye area. A brief stinging sensation may be felt upon application, and should dissipate quickly. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove thoroughly with cool water. If irritation develops, discontinue use and consult your skincare professional.

The Flower Acids peel of La VieSage augmented by the marine algae polysaccharides have numerous applications in the treatment of blemishes and helps relieve the symptoms of rosacea, eczema and psoriasis to calm inflammation and restore stronger, more youthful looking skin.


For more information contact

Aura skin care and laser

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G5™ Cellutec

G5 cellutec Massage @aura skin care and laser

G5™ Massage Therapy

For more than 45 years FDA approved G5™ Massage Machines have been serving in the medical, sports medicine, health & fitness and spa & beauty fields. g5_demo
• Reduces fatigue in hands, arms and body
• Enhance local and general circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids
• Allows manipulation of the soft tissue of the body to produce desired effects on the nervous and muscular systems

G5™ Massage (Gyratory Vibrating Massage)
The G5 is a vibrating machine with changeable soft heads used for deep massage and cosmetic benefits for those wishing to improve the contour of their skin, can help with fatty or cellulite areas.
It has the ability to stimulate the lymphatic system which helps alleviate problems like puffy, fluid and swollen conditions in various parts of your body.
It is recommending that a minimum of one treatment per week and usually by the third or fourth treatment people see a change but you should feel a difference after the first treatment.

G5 Cellutec Skin Revitalization Massage

For Skin Toning Softening and Elasticizing. – Exfoliation Disc and multi prong head to be used to promote the blood circulation, stimulate the collagen and elastin tissue under the epidermis to improve the skin texture.
You may feel sluggish and perhaps get a headache from the activation of toxins therefore, it is advised to drink at least 2 litres of water every day during the duration of your treatment in order to help elimination. It includes G5 exfoliation, G5 deep tissue toning massage and soothing gel.


G5 Cellutec Body Contouring Treatment

This is not a weight loss treatment, but it is excellent for cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage and detoxifying but in conjunction with exercise and good diet.
You may feel sluggish and perhaps get a headache from the activation of toxins therefore, it is advised to drink at least 2 litres of water every day during the duration of your treatment in order to help elimination.
Procedure includes G5 Exfoliation, G5 deep tissue toning massage, and Suction applicator with cellulite burner  will be used to reduce the fatty deposits and cellulite.
Bonus free20 min whole body vibration session

aura skin care & laser
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Time to Glow in Fall


Time to glow in fall Time to glow in fall

Your skin is the largest and most important organ known to your body. It has a tough job filtering toxins that you are exposed to as you move about your day. Smog, stress,UV rays, and second hand smoke are just a few of examples. Your skin also works to hold moisture in your body so you don’t become dehydrated. Skin protects your blood and organs from germs to keep you healthy, and it even protects your bones and muscles from damage when you happen to bump into things or sit out in the sun too long. Because your skin protects every single part of your body, it only makes sense to take good care of it.

Taking care of your skin results in more than just good health, it also does a good job of making you look young and healthy. These delicious foods below…

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Truth about Collagen Induction Therapy

Aura skin care and laser is proud to announce the addition of Collagen Induction Therapy – one of the most popular and effective skin-care treatment alternatives to Laser Resurfacing, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and other Esthetic procedures.


Micro Needling Before and After Photo (Skin Needling)

before and after 6 tx of collagen induction therapy


Collagen Induction Therapy/Micro-needling may be the perfect option for you. This therapy is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment with quick recovery time and is designed to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production.  This is a unique way to address and correct.

Benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy:

  1. Lift and tighten saggy skin on the face and other parts of the body
  2. Repair sun damage
  3. Soften deep lines and wrinkles, including on the forehead
  4. Alleviate fine lines around the lips and eyes
  5. Improve appearance of scars from acne, surgery, or injury
  6. Firm thin, crepe-like skin under the eyes and across the entire face
  7. Reduce appearance of stretch marks — yes — it can be performed on the body as well!
  8. Lessen the appearance of large pores
  9. Lessen the appearance of acne, acne scarring, and decrease the frequency of acne breakouts.

How Collagen Induction Therapy Works

Micro needling pen is , high-speed microneedling device for facial rejuvenation, treatment of fine lines, acne scarring, and mild dyschromias or skin pigment issues.  Compared to traditional dermal rollers, the micro-needling device performs highly accurate and controlled punctures of the epidermis to promote new collagen fibers (neo-collagenesis), elastin, and new capillaries for improved blood supply (neo-angiogenesis) in the treated area.  In response to this stimulus, the skin thickens and ultimately replenishes the skin through improved contour, texture, and color.  Scars, fine lines, and texture irregularities are significantly improved with this technology.  The fine channels created in the skin also allow for absorption of topical solutions and serums which allows for faster healing, improved nourishment of the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis), and overall more effective rejuvenation.


Why Micro needling pen at aura Skin Care and Laser

  • The pen is a motorized surgical instrument that uses a disposable needle tip cartridge with 12 \21 /36 micro-needles.
  • No cross infection / One-time disposable needle consumables
  • Speed – faster than manual applications
  • Short session times
  • Adjustable needle depth
  • Minimal pain
  • Heal faster
  • Post care product provided by aura skin care


  • Have had treatment using Botox®, Dysport®, Juvéderm®, or any dermal filler within two weeks of receiving C.I.T.
  • Have had any type of facial ablation (microdermabrasion, chemical peel, laser treatment, etc.six weeks.)
  • Have had any type of facial surgery within six weeks.
  • Have used harsh products, including Retin-A, in the past 7-10 days.
  • Have active acne.
  • Have rosacea or psoriasis within the treatment area.
  • Are currently pregnant.
  • Have a fever blister. If you are prone to getting fever blisters or are known to have HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) around the mouth or treatment area, you may need to take an anti-viral therapy for 3-5 days prior to treatment.
  • *Caution should be taken if you have an autoimmune disorder.


Make sure you are on a good home care program that consists of vitamin A serum, vitamin C powder, antioxidants and nourishing lipids.  We also highly recommend using Stem Factor.

Use a home care roller weekly to ensure you are getting the most out of your products and also preventing congestion of the skin that can lead to breakouts and dull look of the skin.

For more information and consultation contact our fully qualified BC licensed MEP (Medical Esthetic Practitioner) and Certified Oncology Esthetician

Contact and Location Aura

November National Healthy Skin Month


The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) first implemented November as healthy skin month in order to raise awareness about the importance of keeping skin fresh, hydrated and healthy all year round. There are many things people can do during National Skin Health Month, and all year long, to prevent skin damage, reduce signs of aging and protect one of the most vital organs of the body:

National Healthy Skin Month is a public health and awareness campaign that aims to raise awareness on the importance of having healthy skin. It is also for educating the public about the common skin problems that affect people and how they can be prevented. It also informs the public about how skin cancer can be prevented through simple tips Like

Regular use of sunscreen: sunscreen needs to be applied year-round, not just during the summer months. While the sun’s rays are more powerful in summer, they can still be damaging even in the cloudy, cool conditions of winter. A heavy sunscreen may not be necessary, so apply a moisturizer with SPF.

Eat a healthy diet: What we put in our mouths is just as influential to our skin’s health as what we apply externally. Eating a diet that’s rich in Omega 3s, whole grains and B Vitamins is essential to maintaining skin’s youthful glow. Be sure to incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins in your diet. Since skin is made of protein, the more we consume, the better

Don’t forget your lips and around the eyes: Your lips and eyes need just as much protection as the rest of your skin, especially since they can get a lot of exposure to the sun. Carry lip balm and eye cream with SPF with you and apply it generously particularly in the dry winter months when lips can become very chapped and soar.

Meditation: Stress is a huge contributor to skin problems like acne and wrinkles. Making time to relax during your hectic days can greatly improve the condition of your skin. 10-15 in day make the huge difference in you aver all appearance 🙂

Moisturize: Your skin needs to stay hydrated to stay healthy. Apply moisturizer to your whole body every morning and at night before going to bed. Keep moisturizer near you during the day so you can continue to moisturize your hands. Along with these and many other helpful tips, you can keep your skin looking great all through the month of November and the rest of the year.

Plenty of water: Don’t forget about to drink at last 8 – 10 glasses of water every day. Water flushed out toxins from the body keep the skin breathable and firm.

Choosing the type of facial you want depends on what you’re looking for and what you can afford. Some facial treatments are designed to deep-clean the skin, while others offer moisturizing benefits, and still others help to relieve stress, which often causes acne.

At aura skin care and laser the clinical skin care centre will help you to choose right facial for you

AAD features a skin knowledge and information network on their website, and people are encouraged to check it out for tips on sun protection, skin exams, eating healthy and other steps that can keep skin looking clear, smooth and youthful

– See more at:

For more information, contact

aura skin care & laser  #102-7738 Edmond’s Street Burnaby

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